Growth and Transformation

Welcome! Every new school year, we begin again. Each fall brings a rebirth. We agree again to love the children that are in our care. We agree again to nurture their development and bear witness to their transformation. Each year, countless moments create positive change not only for our students but for ourselves as well, before we have to say good-bye in the spring. It is what cycles do; they build, rise, create, and begin again. It is the nature of life; love dearly each beginning, and honor deeply each transformation.

According to Maria Montessori, the child is in a constant state of metamorphosis. Like a seedling or a butterfly, the child goes through periods of steady or rapid development. Once transformed, the child is forever changed, altered both physically and psychically. The multi-year stages go in cycles of growth and stability, alternating through sensitive periods of a child’s education. The periods of growth bring great emotional, physical and mental changes in the individual. The periods of stability bring less noticeable changes and seem to be a time to let things settle and gel.

Growth is not merely a harmonious increase in size, but a transformation.

Maria Montessori

growth and transformation

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the Montessori Education Centre logo is comprised of both a seedling and a butterfly. It is imagery that speaks to the essence of Montessori and represents what MEC holds sacred. Each stage of development changes an individual. Given a rich environment, full of love and freedom, the child advances through his/her sensitive periods of growth (represented in the plant) and spontaneously changes into a new individual (represented in the butterfly).

We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting a school for your child. It is a privilege to serve every family that enters our community. We promise to stay true to the Montessori philosophy and will continue to accompany students down their own path in their own time while providing opportunities for development of the whole child. With careful observation, in a respectful distance from their work, we are most supportive of their growth, which leads to transformation. It is heartbreakingly beautiful and a tremendous honor to watch a child unfold. Thank you for this gift, and let’s begin.


Tammy Whiting
Head of School