September Newsletter 2018

What a month!

Since the schoolyear kicked off in August, your children have been learning so much, and our teachers have too. They love getting to know your amazing kiddos, working alongside them to create a fun, safe, and inspiring learning environment. We strive to make learning fun for the students, and they have loved our Fun Food Fridays, Skateland Party, Spirit Days, and other activities. We look forward to another great month in September and we hope your children are telling you all about their Montessori experience!


It's Not Too Late!

Students are able to purchase Fun Friday Lunches up until the Friday before the desired date. Students should have brought home order forms for September, and spare order forms are kept in the front office.

If your child wishes to order on the day of, if supplies allow, she or he may for $7 dollars. 

Please contact Kendall in the front office with any questions!

Dont Forget Box Tops!

Remember to check your cereal, snacks, and disposable tableware for box tops! 

They are collected on the counter in the front office.

Letter from our Director

Dear Parents,


Beginning a new school year is always exciting. During these first few weeks, I have taken some time to reflect on the last school year.  One of the things I remember telling parents when they had questions or concerns about their child was that the approach they took with their child’s teacher to problem-solve a concern was the key to getting the concern resolved. If the parent’s approach was one filled with emotion, the teacher would most likely react (understandably so) with their defenses raised. If the approach was one where the parent discussed issues with the teacher in more of a “partnering way,” the teacher would feel more respected and be more open to the problem-solving process.  I learned several years ago that when a person’s emotions increased, that person’s rational thought usually decreased in direct proportion. I encourage all of us to be good partners this year, for the sake and well-being of our children. If you have questions about something that is happening in your child’s classroom, go to the teacher and ask them about it! 


With the youngest of my children beginning kindergarten this year, I have recommitted to one of my parenting goals, which  is to not let any question or concern about my own children’s education get the best of me. As my husband and I had questions or concerns, we were mindful that our child’s teacher has so many other children they are responsible for each day. We've worked at remembering, with each one of those other children, that there is at least one set of parents that have questions and anxieties about their child’s progress. We've tried to approach the teacher in the way we would want someone to approach us.  When taking this type of approach, we found that we were more receptive to feedback from the teacher. We have worked at telling ourselves that we are all working towards the same goal: the betterment of our child’s emotional, social, and academic growth!  I challenge all of you to incorporate a similar goal this year when questions or concerns about your child’s development arise. Go to the teacher and ask them for their professional opinion and problem-solve any concerns together. When parents and teachers work together, our children see positive role-modeling happen, and productive solutions created. I truly believe that, while we still have room to grow, we are the best charter school in Mesa! It is my hope that we all enjoy each day and strive together as educators and parents to be excellent role models for our children. 




Rachel Q. Lichtenberger, M.Ed.

Director, Montessori Education Centre North Campus