September Newsletter 2017

The school year is up and running!

The staff is loving getting to know the kiddos and growing with them. August was filled with excitement as students became acclimated to their classrooms and dove into their work. All of us at Montessori Centre North are delighted to take part in the development of our students and families.



On August 21st, Montessori North students had the exciting opportunity to participate in a raffle to view the solar eclipse through a telescope which they then had the chance to win! Our students had a great time safely viewing the eclipse! At the end of the day, Ms. Rachel pulled the winning raffle ticket who went to a lucky kindergartener. Thank you to all who participated in the very successful fundraiser for our upper elementary.

IMG_20170821_130005 (1)

Dont Forget Box Tops!

Remember to check your cereal, snacks, and disposable tableware for box tops! 

They are collected on the counter in the front office.

It's Not Too Late!

Students are able to purchase Fun Friday Lunches up until the Friday before the the desired date. Spare order forms are kept in the front office.

On the occasion a child wished to order day of, if supply allows, she or he may for $7 dollars. 

Please contact Britanee in the front office with any questions!

lunch 1

Letter from our Director

Helping your Child Succeed-

What if you knew of some easy ways for your child to get better grades, enjoy school more, and increase his/her chances for future success? Chances are, you already do. Choosing a Montessori education for your child is the first step. Next comes being involved in your child's education. Researchers have been studying the effects of parent involvement on children's academic success for many years. They have reported that when parents get involved in their children's education, children earn better grades and score higher on tests. Children with involved parents stay home from school less often and are more likely to graduate and pursue higher education. What's more, involved parents have better access to information about opportunities for students. In short, being involved makes you a stronger advocate for your child. Research also shows that parent involvement makes a difference no matter a person's income level, cultural background, or the size of the community in which they live.


Here at Montessori your involvement really does matter, and there are many ways that parents can be a part of our community. Your involvement can be as simple as helping with math and English homework or reading a book together, chaperoning field trips, attending special luncheons on campus, participating in parent-teacher conferences, or coming to our school wide events like our Halloween or Cinco de Mayo Mercado. These are fun and interactive ways to show your child you value their education and hard work.


Please let your child's teachers know how you would like to be involved this year on campus. We look forward to partnering with you to help ensure your child's success this year and in the years to come.




Rachel Q. Lichtenberger, M. Ed.

Principal North campus