October Newsletter 2017

Happy October!

October is filled with events, fundraisers, and holidays! Check out the newsletter to ensure you are up to date on all the happenings! 



Fall break is October 9th through 13th.

We offer childcare during fall break, please fill out this form complete with payment and return by October 2nd! The form can also be found in full in the front office.

 break care


Montessori North will be having a HALLOWEEN themed Mercado in the evening, October 27th 5PM to 7PM.  This year Mercado tickets must be purchased. That is to say one Mercado dollar costs one US dollar to obtain. Families are able to preorder Mercado tickets before October 20th. Those who preorder will be given 5 free Mercado dollars for every 20 they buy. Families are also able to purchase Mercado dollars at the door and throughout Mercado.

Additionally at Mercado, we will be selling BBQ dinners! These are also available for preorder. A small water, bag of chips and your choice of hot dog (5$) or hamburger ($6) is available for purchase before October 20th. Meals can be purchased the night of (as long as supplies allow) for 1 dollar more (hot dog (6$) or hamburger ($7)).




Are your kiddos behind on their Vaccines? 

State law requires our students to be caught up or exempt from vaccinations in order to attend school.  Beth in the front office can fill you in on what vaccines your child(ren) needs to be compliant.

No insurance? No problem! Mesa Public Health offers free vaccines in multiple locations. See aside for more details!

We are looking forward to a busy and fun month! Please don't hesitate to reach out to the office staff with any questions!