November Newsletter 2017

Happy November!

October was a month full of fun! 

Our Cookie Dough Fundraiser was wildly successful, and we loved seeing the students and their families contribute, support our school, and build community! 

Halloween Mercado was a night filled with families, fun and fright! HUGE thanks to all the parents and families who donated time and materials, and families who came out and supported our students and their financial literacy building booths! 

All of us here at North are excited to get into the colder weather and holidays while supporting and serving our students! 

On the Horizon!

Mark your Calendars for our Book fair, December 7th!

Just a heads up!

HEARING SCREEENINGS will be taking place the 6th and 7th of November!
VISION SCREENINGS will be taking place the 16th of November!

Please ensure your kiddos attend school those days as make up sessions are not guaranteed. 

Happy THINKsgiving!

‘Tis the season of gratitude. That we all know.

But 'tis also the season of reflection.

May I offer this holiday checklist of things to think about...? And maybe you can add some of your own.

1. Think about what you have done to help others this past year. Think of opportunities you might have missed. You know, it's never too late.

2. Think about how you have handled your most important relationships...your family, close friends. Think about whether you have treasured them the way they deserve to be treasured. Treasure them more.

3. Think about the causes you support. Think about the money and time you give. Don't have time? That's why it's so important for you to give of it. Find it.

4. Think about your business dealings. Think about whether you have always been honest and conscientious as both a producer and consumer. Remember that businesses are people, too.

5. Think about the integrity with which you live your life. Talk the talk...But, far more importantly, walk the walk…..and walk it far and wide. Your children learn far more by watching your actions than they do listening to your words.

And finally, of course, think about all the things you are grateful for; the big and the small. Nothing is too small…….count it all!

May you and yours have a very happy holiday season and a wonderful, prosperous and blessed year to come!


Rachel Q. Lichtenberger, M. Ed. Principal

Montessori Families,

Our Halloween Mercado was a huge success! It was wonderful watching our families make wonderful memories with their children! As the holiday season approaches, it is such a busy time of year. We realize from a parent perspective there is a lot going on at school to keep up on. We would like to take this time to remind you that our fundraisers and luncheons are always OPTIONAL and our intent is to never overwhelm you with our fundraising efforts. Things always slow down after the first semester and once the holidays have passed us by. We appreciate your efforts in helping things run smoothly and thank you for your support and participation in our fundraising endeavors. We also want to thank the parents who are so involved in making some of our school-wide events possible. There are also many more who help behind the scenes, and to all of you again, A BIG thank you from Montessori. We wish all of our students and their families a wonderful and cozy Thanksgiving holiday. We are so very grateful for you letting us touch the lives of your children.
Sincerely, Rachel Q. Lichtenberger, M. Ed.