MEC Year of Service

MEC Year of Service

Video Presentations

By Cassi Mackey, MEd

Last year, Montessori Education Centre Main Campus was one of twenty K-12 public schools throughout the United States selected by Youth Service America (YSA) to be a School of Impact. We were selected based on our school’s philosophy, commitment to service learning, and our established service projects throughout the year. The YSA program is designed to support our efforts to improve student outcomes while strengthening our local communities through service learning.

As a School of Impact, we are required to create yearlong projects that exemplify what it means to be a good neighbor. Our students participate in real-world projects while learning academic content and practicing active civic engagement while addressing community needs. Last year, our school focused on two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, hunger and homelessness. With the teacher as a guide, our students took the lead in addressing critical community challenges and their root causes. Our Year of Service overlay our existing curriculum, creating opportunities for authentic learning and practical application of the knowledge and skills taught in our classroom to make real-world impact.

One of our goals for our Semester of Service was to produce a video of our experience to share with the community, as well as with YSA. One of our 4th-6th grade classrooms (Cassi and Pete’s class) produced a Public Service Announce (PSA) and music video as their service projects. YSA was very impressed with both of these videos because it shows what is possible when a whole school community works toward one goal. They asked if they could share it on their national platform.

Please enjoy the two videos below:

MEC Main Campus A Year of Service


MEC Cassi's Class PSA